We are a group of people that attend Village Church in Beaverton, Oregon.

How We Started

In 2013,  a brave Villager piloted A Biblical Response to Sex Trafficking class at Village University.  From that class, God brought together a few Villagers passionate about fighting the sex trafficking issue. Each time this class was offered, God brought more Villagers to the anti-trafficking team. 

We have been honored to help Villagers by offering sex trafficking awareness training and we continue to look for opportunities to serve more in this vital area. Highlights to date include the following:

  • Training sessions with  the Village staff
  • Middle and high school parent’s seminar
  • Presentations to the Asian American Fellowship and the middle school/high school youth groups.  
  • Every other month, we facilitates an anti-trafficking prayer group.  

On January 28, 2018 the team presented Village’s first congregation-wide sex trafficking awareness event.

Villagers On Mission

Several members of our team have followed God’s call to serve in this area beyond our community. For more information about their focus and area of service, please check out their personal ministry pages.

Brian and Melissa Leak

Adrienne Livingston